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Music can create a great atmosphere in any location – digital jukeboxes cater for all different tastes to keep your customers in your venue longer whilst providing an additional source of income.

We can supply a wide range of models to exceed your expectations and to offer you the very latest solutions to enhance jukebox income levels.

The latest online models offer:

  • Regular updates of new tracks
  • Engaging smartphone app compatibility for selections and venue interaction
  • interactive photo-booth facility with social media sharing
  • Contactless payment, plus much more

Curve Jukebox

Featuring a unique arc frame, dual-screen display, and captivating lightshow, the Curve provides non-stop entertainment with an audio-visual experience like no other.


Angelina Jukebox

Angelina delivers a music experience tailored for your venue. It only needs 24 inches of wall space, but with its clean design and floating appearance, Angelina truly stands out.


Playdium Jukebox

Finding the music you love has never been easier! The Playdium jukebox holds thousands of the all time greatest hits, classic album titles, and the very latest chart releases.


VenueHub Jukebox

VenueHub features a content rich customer interface, high definition portrait touchscreen, and an extensive feature list including on-screen advertising, live Twitter feed, and Photobooth.

VenueHub Instructions  


Atom Jukebox

The revolutionary Atom Jukebox is a complete entertainment package of music, videos, and digital signage. At only 591x483mm, it's perfect for pubs where wall space is at a premium.